[App Review] : GPS Speedometer – Odometer And Speed Tracking App

Today I’m bringing you an interesting speed tracking app called, GPS Speedometer – Odometer And Speed Tracking App. GPS Speedometer is the one of the best app for speed tracking and odometer for measuring your travel distance. This app has a functionality of speed tracker, navigation Map, and distance tracker with an accurate speed test that was really nice. If you like to measure your travel distance then this Speedometer and odometer is the best choice for you and if you are a rail fan or like to travel and explore places then this app should be in your phone.

[App Review] : GPS Speedometer - Odometer And Speed Tracking App

Description :

GPS Speedometer : Speed Tracker App measure and display the speed of your vehicle and give you accurate speed reading. In the GPS Speedometer app the speed is displayed in both form digital and analog. You can use digital Speedometer app for car speed test, bike speed test, Bicycle speed test, walking speed test and specially for train speed test. It have a great feature that i like most that is extra speed warning alarm. Digital Speedometer with speed alarm will measure the speed and ring the alarm when your vehicle speed is exceeded to your limit speed and with Odometer and from distance tracker you can easily calculate your travel distance.

[App Review] : GPS Speedometer - Odometer And Speed Tracking App

Features :

>>GPS speedometer and odometer app is free to use & can measure your travel total distance.

>>Speedometer app shows your speed in the form of Mph, Km/h and Knot & Speed displayed in both form digital value and analog.

>>Speedometer app shows Current Speed, Average Speed, and Maximum Speed & also shows Altitude, longitude, GPS location and number of satellites connected .

>>It also have Classic and Digital HUD, Map for Live location tracker and shows your mobile battery percentage.

>>Speedometer app come with different screen mode for tablet and Mobile that is Portrait and Landscape.

[App Review] : GPS Speedometer - Odometer And Speed Tracking App



>Speedometer is a free app.

>You can use this app without internet.

>It can be measure your accurate speed.


>This app contains ad’s.

[App Review] : GPS Speedometer - Odometer And Speed Tracking App

Verdict :

If you are a traveler and use transportation services for travelling, then this app is perfect for you. GPS speedometer and odometer is a free app. You can easily check your transportation speed and also this app can work without internet connection. If you not want see annoying ad’s then you can switch to premium version. Overall this app works well and shows accurate speed.

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